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Cora's Embroidery Plus                                        Order Form

Cora Hayes, Owner                                       Phone(352)685-0998   

23500 N.E.154 Pl. Rd.                          

Salt Springs, Florida 32134


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2. Go back and Log In (You will need the password you created)

3. Click on Send Money Tab

4. Fill out the form

5. Click on Send Money

6. PayPal will then notify me of payment.

7. I will send Designs to you ASAP.....

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Quanity                     Description                                                      Price                 Total











                                                                                              Merchandise Total:                      

                    Shipping /Handling Is For Mixing and Matching Designs(USA & Canada only):$3.00                                                


                                                                   Florida Residents add 6% sales tax                           

                                                                                               Total Due :                                    

Please fill out form and send to: Make Checks Payable To:::::

Cora Hayes

23500 N.E. 154 Pl. Rd.

Salt Springs, Florida 32134

All Packages are non-refundable. Damaged disks can be replaced for the identical collections only. Every effort is made to ensure

the disks are error free. If for some reason, a disk cannot be read,please contact me immediately and replacement disks will be sent to you..

                   ************************ Thank you for your order****************