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Sweets for Sweets

2scoops.gif (13228 bytes)     Kisbug.gif (17475 bytes)     kiss.gif (17123 bytes)      Mouse.gif (14162 bytes)

           2 Scoops                 LadyBug with Kiss            Candy Kiss                  Mouse with Candyapple

     sandwitch.gif (22692 bytes)      Dino Lollipops2.gif (26030 bytes)       JellyBeans.gif (22084 bytes)

                            IceCream Cookie            Dino with Lollipops                     Jelly Beans

      IcecreamCone.gif (22981 bytes)     lifesavers.gif (13491 bytes)     sour lemons.gif (22721 bytes)      cake.gif (23449 bytes)

          Ice Cream Cone           LifeSavers                        Sour Lemons                            Cake

     banana split.gif (25113 bytes)     Lolliepop.gif (20140 bytes)     Popsycle.gif (22696 bytes)

                          Banana Split                                Lollipop                           Popsickle TwinPop

Doughnuts.gif (22327 bytes)      Cotton candy.gif (16517 bytes)     Gummi worms.gif (21593 bytes)      Sno cone.gif (17495 bytes)

          Donuts                                 CottonCandy                  Gummi Worms                     SnowCone

butterscotch.gif (28576 bytes)     Gummi Bears & worms.gif (21988 bytes)      Ice Cream Sundae.gif (21521 bytes)

                        Butterscotch                        Gummi Bears& Worms       Icecream Sundae  


All of these  designs are  $29.95.. Or if you just want one they are $5.00 each.