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Hi everyone my name is Cassie and I am 10 years old.. I am tring to learn to digitize designs, so here is a few I have done so far.. I did the club,diamond,heart and spade to put on a shirt for my brother he loves to play cards.. I hope you enjoy them they are applique.. Also I have a star just for me I love stars...

Heart.gif (10529 bytes)     Club.gif (7572 bytes)     Diamond.gif (7108 bytes)     Spade.gif (6549 bytes)      Star.gif (14257 bytes)

Flower.gif (9532 bytes)

If you would like to have the flower one as a freebie you can e-mail me at


Please let me know what you think of my designs.. Oh I quess I had better tell you how much they are they are $12.00 for the set of 5 designs..More to come   Thank you....