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Dancing Frogs

All of these designs will fit your 4X4 hoop. The artist of these is Debra from Debrakays designs if you need something done she can do it for you...(Fast Too)

DancingFrog1.jpg (3980 bytes)         DancingFrog2.jpg (4050 bytes)          DancingFrog3.jpg (4421 bytes)          DancingFrog4.jpg (4035 bytes)

                 DancingFrog5.jpg (3886 bytes)       DancingFrog6.jpg (3337 bytes)      DancingFrog7.jpg (3556 bytes)       DancingFrog8.jpg (3780 bytes)      DancingFrogFreebie.jpg (3496 bytes)


This set of designs is  $24.99.. All of these are copyrighted my myself and also Debrakays Designs.. You may use these on items to sell.. Enjoy them.... I did.. I love them...I have added a shopping cart on all of my new pages,so all you have to do is hit the logo.. Thanks, Let me know what you think of this,if it makes it easier to order..


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