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Funny Bones 1

glasses.gif (10035 bytes)      Love.gif (8563 bytes)      quilting bee.gif (8748 bytes)     which  one.gif (9350 bytes)     new years resolution.gif (7747 bytes)     resolution(man).gif (8447 bytes)

     You Need Glasses           Love                 Quilting Bee          Which One                  New Years Resolutions   

    surfing lizard.gif (9510 bytes)     stroll.gif (7612 bytes)     magic.gif (8919 bytes)

                                                     Surfing Lizard                Stroll                    Magic

perky.gif (8369 bytes)


All of these designs are copyrited by myself and Ron @

He is the artist. These designs are 10 for $19.95 or $3.00 each. They can be mix and matched with any of the Funny Bones Sets 1-14.