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Applique Designs

Froggie.gif (16607 bytes)     Cat1.gif (25266 bytes)     Chick1.gif (19316 bytes)

                              Froggie $5.00                           Cat 1  $5.00                          Chick 1 $5.00

turtle.gif (13487 bytes)     cat2.gif (9450 bytes)     cat3.gif (11743 bytes)

                   Turtle $5.00                             Cat2   $5.00                         Cat3   $5.00

These are just the first of many designs to come.. Keep checking back.I will also be offering these as a set at a discounted price. There will be 5 to a set and the price will be $20.00.If you buy all of them the 6th one is free.....