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Jointed Bears

These would look so cute on a quilt made for little ones, or on a vest..Oh I just can't wait to do them on my vest...My Scanner is messing up as soon as I get better pictures I will change these...

  bear1.jpg (3347 bytes)     bear2.jpg (4318 bytes)     bear3.jpg (2283 bytes)     bear4.jpg (4065 bytes)   bear5.jpg (4944 bytes)      bear6.jpg (3174 bytes)      bear7.jpg (2772 bytes)      bear8.jpg (4230 bytes)   bear9.jpg (3782 bytes)      bear10.jpg (2576 bytes)

This set is 10 designs $24.99..All of these are copyrighted and maynot be re-sold in pack,but they can be used on items for sale.. Thank you so much for looking at them.. Maybe they will be in your home soon...I have added a shopping cart to all of my new pages, Please let me know if you like having a shopping cart. Thank you..

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