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DebraKays Christmas Frogs

Cookie Cutters

                       Frog1.gif (7257 bytes)        Frog2.gif (10422 bytes)       Frog3.gif (7904 bytes)        Frog4.gif (11182 bytes)       Frog5.gif (7554 bytes)       Frog6.gif (7740 bytes)        Frog7.gif (10365 bytes)        Frog8.gif (5811 bytes)


All of these were drew by Debra from Debrakaysdesigns she does wonderful work, if you need something drew I am sure she would do it for you... This set is  $24.99.. They fit the 4X4 hoop but I can do them 5X7 for a additional charge..I Have added a shopping Cart to all of my new pages, Please let me know what you think.. Thank you.. Click on this paypal button for the special price of $10.00 Thank you so much..





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