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These are just the first of many to come.. I could just see these in a line looking like they are doing the break dance...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have I have done them on shirts to wear to the gym... Everyone just loves them..

Smiley1.jpg (6648 bytes)          Smiley2.jpg (5957 bytes)           Smiley3.jpg (6566 bytes)           Smiley4.jpg (5756 bytes)           Smiley5.jpg (5098 bytes)           Smiley6.jpg (5421 bytes)           Smiley7.jpg (6621 bytes)           Smiley8.jpg (6085 bytes)           Smiley9.jpg (5209 bytes)           Smiley10.jpg (6102 bytes)

All of these designs are $16.99... More to come....

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