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TimeOut Kids

These can also be used as Praying Kids..I can see these with the prayer Now I lay Me down....I will have more sets of these to come.. I just loved doing them.. I have Debra doing some more for me.. If you need something drew she can do it for you.. You can reach her at

Timeout1a.jpg (3925 bytes)          Timeout2a.jpg (4786 bytes)           Timeout3a.jpg (3734 bytes)             Timeout4a.jpg (4231 bytes)             Timeout5a.jpg (2941 bytes)   Timeout6a.jpg (4095 bytes)             Timeout8a.jpg (3374 bytes)            Timeout7a.jpg (3624 bytes)            Timeout9a.jpg (4560 bytes)            Timeout10a.jpg (4087 bytes)



All of these designs will fit the 4x4 hoop. If you want them in a different size just let me know.. There are 8 designs in this set.. You will recieve the last 2 designs as freebies when you purchase the set.. The set is $24.99.I have added a shopping cart on this page.. You can click on logo and it will take you through the steps to order the set.. Thank You this is new to me so let me know if you have any problems Please..

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