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Time Out Kids2

This is the second set of designs, I will be having more sets up soon.. These were Drawn by Debra from

So if you need anything drawn for you check her out.. I just love all of these she has done for me..


Timeout2-1.jpg (4347 bytes)          Timeout2-2.jpg (3896 bytes)           Timeout2-3.jpg (4754 bytes)            Timeout2-4.jpg (4874 bytes)           Timeout2-5.jpg (4035 bytes)           Timeout2-6.jpg (5029 bytes)           Timeout2-7.jpg (3405 bytes)            Timeout2-8.jpg (3270 bytes)            Timeout2-9.jpg (4745 bytes)

This set is $24.99.. More to come.. So keep checking back... I will try to have some freebies as soon as I get them all done.. Also when you order this set you will get the two freebies from Timeout Kids 1..

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